I have an arts blog now.

My “spinning grandma” (that is, she taught the person who taught me to spin) suggested that I should start an arts blog and post the stuff I’m working on.

If nothing else, posting photos will motivate me to actually work on stuff, which is always a good thing.

So, why is this blog called “It’s All Lissa’s Fault”? Well, partly because Lissa taught me to spin and knit. More than that, Lissa dragged me to my first SCA meeting, so without her, I probably wouldn’t be doing *any* of the crafty stuff I now do, even the stuff she didn’t have a direct hand in. Also, she started her own arts blog, motivating me to do the same. Lastly, it’s fun to blame Lissa for everything because she gets all indignant, and when she gets all indignant, she squeaks.

My current projects:

Knitting: This is what I’m mostly working on. I’m doing what will eventually be a dice bag, in garter stitch (ie, the only stitch I can do), in very pretty green wool.

Spinning: I got a batt of purple corriedale at the sheep and wool festival, and I’m currently working on making that into yarn. I’ve plied a small bit of it, just to say that I’d finished a little yarn, and to learn how to ply. I don’t have a specific project in mind for it once it’s spun.

Pictures to come soon…


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