Hm…I could make mittens. Fur-lined mittens.

Anybody want a cat?

I’m joking….mostly.

So, I want to start knitting things that I can use in an SCA context at some point. Which, generally, means a lot finer knit than the size 8 needles I’ve been playing with currently. (If I understand correctly, it also means much more color work and not so much playing with stitch patterns.)

In the vague direction of that goal, I went to the crack dealer knitting supply store near me and snagged some 3s and a set of double-pointed 5s. I have a set of size 3 dpns I bought at Pennsic, but I don’t enjoy bamboo needles at all. I think they’re too slick compared to the wood ones (so I shudder to think how I’d do with metal or plastic).

And I started work on another project in a soft pink wool. The plan was to do a blanket for Project Linus, knitted in small squares and then stitched together. With each individual square done mainly in stockinette, but having a border of garter stitch. It’s based on this, but in patchwork squares that *each* have the border, and without the stripes. (Maybe I’m weird, but I don’t like having color stripes and texture stripes that don’t match. It offends some sense of symmetry or balance, I guess.)

Anyway, I’m working away on the first block, and the pattern is starting to develop, and it’s pretty cool. And then….

My kitten eats it. Fricking cat.

Okay, she didn’t literally eat it, but she broke one of the needles and pulled the knitting partway off it. I don’t even understand how she broke the fricking knitting needle. Oh, right, because she is Haley, Bringer of Destruction and Fluffy Avatar of Chaos. She likes to eat cords, too–destroyed a mouse and a pair of headphones.

You’re just lucky you’re cute, cat.

Haley the Destroyer
Haley the Destroyer

I’m going to replace the needles eventually, but for the moment I’m working on a dice bag for the husband, on the dpns.  Knitting in the round hurts my brain, so we’ll see how that goes.


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