Cables and Stockinette and Lace, Oh My

So, after I got the dice bag knitted up, I had some time to kill. (I was at my parents’, relaxing after Pennsic.) I did a little bit of playing around and made a couple little sample pieces. This is the same wool yarn I used for the dice bag.
Practice Cabling

This one shows my first attempt at cables. I did stockinette all the way along, rather than purls next to the cables, so they don’t pop out as much as they otherwise might. Yeah, the pic is blurry, but you can make out the cables and the fact that I actually did stockinette stitch. Go me.

I also did another sample piece with 4 little lacing holes (using a yarn over, then decreasing later in the row), but I neglected to actually take a picture of the thing.


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