Baby blanket of DOOOOOM

I’m doing a baby blanket for a friend who’s pregnant. This will be my first blanket and only my third (and by far biggest and most complex) knitting project.

While working on it over Christmas, I just measured again and realized that what I thought was a good size was totally inadequate. I thought seven stripes would be my halfway point–it turns out that I really need more like 24 total, making it not even a third.

I’m doing it in a worsted weight microfiber (cuz it’s washable!) on size 8 needles, 100 stitches to a row. I’m currently working away at stripe #9. I think they find out the sex in January or February (which happens around the 20-week mark, right?), so I have time.

It’s gonna be gorgeous when it’s done, but I am *never* doing a baby blanket in that gauge again–the original pattern called for size 13 needles and knitting two strands of yarn together, with only 72 stitches per row, so in theory I’d have been done a whole lot quicker. In practice, however, using two strands at once resulted in tangly horrible badness, and I said “screw it” and decided to go with something simpler. Simpler turned out to be easier, but possibly more time-consuming.

I also determined that no way on this earth am I gonna get into the habit of knitting a blanket for every friend or coworker who has a baby. My cousin just had an adorable little boy, and I considered the idea, then quickly rejected it. She’s much more a brand-name type of person than a hand-made type of person, so if I get him a baby blanket, it probably ought to be from Macy’s or Baby Gap. (If that sounds mean or like I’m saying she’s a snob, it’s not meant that way–just an assessment of her tastes and the conclusion that knitting her a baby blanket wouldn’t be a real good gift choice.)

I also think I need to learn to knit in the round so I can make the next kid that comes along a hat.


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