KASF Knitted Pouch

Back in February, I displayed a knitted pouch at KASF. It’s based loosely on the Sion pouches (full documentation). I’m currently sad, because I can’t find my pictures of it.

I did manage to get almost the period gauge. The period examples are 18 stitches to the inch, and I got 17 stitches to the inch with 10/2 perle cotton and 0000 needles. Sadly, after pulling that off, I then forgot something fairly basic–I didn’t block it. So, I had some unevenness where it was narrower at the bottom than at the top.

I lined it in white linen, and on the next pouch, I will definitely 1) use silk in a color that matches the top row of the bag and 2) get some pictures of the inside before I line it.


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