KASF Bottony Pouch

Back in November, I entered a pair of knitted stockings in the A&S competition at Dun Carraig’s birthday. And Their Excellencies asked me to be their A&S champion. I’m very psyched about this, but also nervous about entering KASF representing the barony.

Today, I’m starting on my project for that. I have two skeins of lace weight silk. It’s 100% spun silk, hand-dyed, from Treenway. The name of the silk, so I can find it again, is Yasulyn. It’s extremely soft and pettable, and the gauge is listed as 32+ stitches per inch, on size 00-2 needles. A 100-gram skein cost $40, and I need to talk with Molly, our friendly neighborhood crack enabler weaving Laurel about whether that was a reasonable price or not.

I’m using one undyed skein and one deep red skein, for baronial red and white. The finished product will be a pouch based (very loosely) on the Sion relic pouches, using barional heraldry.

Because it’s such fine silk, I’m going to actually follow the appropriate steps like winding balls of yarn and knitting a gauge swatch. Frequently, I just knit from the skein and wing the measurements, but between fine, easily tangled (and expensive) silk and the desire to get this right, I’m going to take the extra time and effort on prep.

Pictures to follow just as soon as I find the cord to connect my camera to my computer.


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