KASF Bottony Pouch – Gauge Woes and Finished Pattern

So, I made a pretty impressive mistake when selecting yarn. I misread the expected gauge, and it’s actually 8 stitches per inch (which about matches what I did with my sample). I’m going to drop down a needle size or two, but I will not be getting anything like period gauge with this yarn.  I could put it away for something else and buy finer for this project, but I like the color and feel of this particular yarn a lot. Besides that, the idea of a heavier gauge has its advantages–like finishing faster.

I’ve completed my pattern, and I can still make it work.  I’m going for 152 stitches, which should give me a finished width of eight or nine inches. That’s in the range of the Sion pouches, and generally seems like a good size.

Color chart for a cross bottony pouch. Has a border of red and white diagonal stripes at the top and bottom, and a large red bottony cross on a white ground.
Color Chart for Cross Bottony Pouch

This is my pattern. I had originally planned to include a bunch of little crosses in the background, to make the colorwork easier. But I think that will make the pattern too busy, and I really like this as-is.  It does mean that I’ll have to switch colors frequently to avoid having giant floats. I’ll probably use stranding for the top and bottom of the cross, and a more intarsia-like method for the middle.


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