KASF Knitted Pouch, with pictures

Atlantia’s Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival was last weekend. I entered the Inter-baronial competition as Dun Carraig’s A&S champion, with the knitted cross bottony bag I had been working on since December. I still need to line it before I present it to the baronage.

IMG_20150227_213649Here it is on the needles, right after I’d finished knitting.

IMG_20150228_191647 Here’s the three-needle bind-off, which creates a nice straight bottom for the bag. (The link goes to a video tutorial at knitting.help com, which I learned this bind-off from.)

IMG_20150305_170557The method I used for the tassels, which comes from Phyllis Anne DesMoines’ Knitting Pouches Reliquary Style, was to wrap the yarn a bunch of times around a DVD box.  (I did 15 for each color.) Of course, it was The Princess Bride.

IMG_20150305_170909This is a single one of my finished tassels.  I’d have liked to get the ends more even, but I didn’t want to make it too short by cutting them all to match.  Next time, I think I’ll cut the yarn longer than I need so I can get a more even final product.

IMG_20150314_110732And here’s the finished bag.


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