Dyeing and Baking

I finally finished my first experiment in natural dyeing. Shepard’s wool dyed with dandelions and alum. I’m pretty happy for a first try, though I didn’t get quite as deep or bright a color as I wanted. To start with, I don’t think I had near enough dandelions, and plan to try again with a gallon freezer bag full. Secondly, I’d been collecting a few at a time and keeping them in the freezer, but the bag was starting to smell funky and they had turned brown even in the freezer. So I don’t think they were as fresh as they needed to be. (The white paper is just for color balancing and comparison.)  I’m already collecting more to try again.Dandelion Yarn

I’m also working on another attempt at the Anglo-Saxon spiced beer bread.  This version uses the standard bread recipe I’m working with, subbing 1 bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale for the water and adding in 1/4 tsp each of cloves, pepper, and cumin, as well as a teaspoon of coriander.


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